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R.K. Field is dedicated to empowering people and helping organizations become more inclusive and effective.

For organizations, we specialize in diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) and leadership development to drive greater levels of engagement, productivity and profitability.  R.K. Field is both strategist and implementor; taking a broad, global view to inclusion and leadership and translating that into pragmatic, local solutions.  Our legacy is bringing about lasting organizational culture change.

For individuals, we provide coaching and training that truly empower sustained success.  We focus intently on helping people get unstuck by inspiring shifts in their perspective.  We help people build on their strengths, develop personally meaningful objectives, and carry out a tangible and workable plan for achieving their goals.  Stronger self-leadership is the result.

Small projects are often handled entirely by the founder, Rachel Field.  Bigger engagements involve Rachel’s network of delivery partners.  These include people and organizations with deep expertise in training, organizational effectiveness, behavioral design, innovation, communications, and human capital planning.

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Organizations that successfully integrate DEI into their culture, policies and practices gain an advantage over their competitors through increased productivity, profitability and innovation. 

A DEI Diagnostic is a comprehensive audit of an organization’s culture, policies, practices and reputation that impact its ability to attract, retain and develop talent. The diagnostic identifies strengths to leverage and the barriers to equity that undermine inclusive culture.

DEI Strategy and Action Planning establishes a concrete way forward to move the needle on DEI.  This includes working with leaders to prioritize actions and modify people management practices; development of behavioral DEI leadership competencies; the establishment of accountability frameworks; and communication guides and training programs for leaders and employees.

Unconscious Bias Training is essential for organizations committed to DEI. Not only is unconscious bias scientifically undeniable, if left unaddressed it inevitably undermines equity and inclusion.  Our approach to addressing unconscious bias includes requiring attendees to empirically measure their biases using a validated an online assessment. This creates an appetite to learn why biases often contradict deeply held personal values and learn what one can do reduce bias decision making. 

DEI Coaching for Leaders includes confidential, honest conversations about the appetite for change and potential resistance in the organization to DEI objectives.  R.K. Field advises on authentic communication, preparing for difficult conversations with employees, setting meaningful objectives and the resourcing and structures that will enable success.  

DEI Change Management Training equips leaders and people managers with tools and guidance to hold DEI discussions and address concerns at work in a purposeful and safe way.



Numerous studies cite emotional intelligence (also known as EQ) as the strongest predictor of workplace performance. R.K. Field specializes in helping leaders and their teams build emotional intelligence through a formal assessment of EQ and training. Improved decision making; more impactful interpersonal communication and effectiveness; a higher degree of productivity and engagement; and greater personal satisfaction are the outcomes.

The Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Workshop provides a clear framework for EQ.  Participants will learn about a three-part model for emotional intelligence, assess themselves against that model, apply EQ to a real-life challenging situation, and leave with tips to build their EQ.  Workshops for leaders focus on developing a sharper awareness of how they can model emotional intelligence to inspire others to perform optimally.

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) and Debrief takes the learning deeper. Following a formal online assessment, you’ll receive a personalized debrief of your EQ report that focuses on your capacity to drive success in four areas: generating results; building and maintaining relationships; maintaining optimal energy and functioning; and maintaining balance and satisfaction. You will leave equipped with an immediate action plan to improve eight essential emotional intelligence skills.  

For leaders seeking an EQ productivity boost for their team, R.K. Field offers an Emotional Intelligence Team Building Session.  It provides insights into the EQ potential of the group. The team’s needs, strengths and challenges are mapped against eight essential emotional intelligence skills, forming the basis of a team development plan.

For leaders and teams who wish to go further to understand their work style and develop their interpersonal skills, R.K. Field offers additional psychometric assessments.   

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) gives insight into style and preferences.   Following an online assessment, you’ll receive a personalized debrief of your MBTI type, unique strengths and areas for development and blind spots.  At the team level, the MBTI gives insight and appreciation into the ways that team member’s styles and preferences might be different from other team members and helps everyone understand how to use differences to strengthen the team.  

The Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI™) helps you understand the types of tasks you prefer to do, your way of being creative, your preferred way of communicating, and how your thinking preferences influence how you work and connect with others.  Following an online assessment, you’ll receive a personalized debrief of your NBI profile.  At the team level, the NBI provides insight into how team members can adapt communication and work strategies to leverage differences and enhance team creativity.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmarks® 360 Assessment is a confidential way of collecting colleagues’ perspectives on your leadership.  The higher you go in an organization, the less likely you are to receive feedback.  This tool provides feedback on leading the business (e.g., strategic planning, leading change, judgment, results orientation), leading others (e.g., inspiring commitment, developing and empowering people, communication, interpersonal savvy), and leading by example (e.g., courage, executive image, credibility).  You’ll be advised on how to pick your raters and receive a full debrief with focused recommendations and tools for development.   

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Rachel’s coaching practice focuses on helping people make intentional choices that lead to greater success and satisfaction.  Whether you are a leader grappling with tough decision, a professional feeling stuck in your career, or a person who is struggling to find purpose and satisfaction in life, Rachel can help you gain clarity, contemplate new perspectives and take action to create forward momentum and propel you toward your goals.

Executive Coaching

Rachel’s executive coaching clients typically come with specific goals in mind.  It could be a particular problem to solve, an interpersonal issue to navigate, an especially difficult conflict to resolve, or leadership skills they wish to develop.  Rachel is an excellent sounding board and trusted coach for senior executives as well as new executives contemplating challenges for the first time.  She inspires leaders to make changes and build strong foundations and teams, improving performance and results.

Career Coaching

If you are feeling stuck in your career or having trouble managing interpersonal relationships at work, Rachel can help. She has a unique ability to help people get unstuck and realize their full potential.  She asks insightful questions that inspire ah-ha moments. She challenges assumptions. She inspires action in the direction of clarified goals based on personal strengths and values, not the expectations of others.   

Life Coaching

Rachel helps people seeking greater satisfaction in life. She compassionately compels her clients to break free from circular patterns in life that can lead to frustration, unhappiness and exhaustion. She challenges people to redefine their concept of personal success and inspires them act in pursuit of achievable goals and personal fulfillment.  After Rachel’s coaching, clients report feeling less self-doubt, more confidence and even more courageous.

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The firm is led by Rachel Field.  She possesses over two decades of experience as a strategist and implementor of diversity, equity and inclusion programs, as a developer and facilitator of leadership training, and as an executive coach. 

Examples of engagements led by Rachel include the establishment of the first diversity and inclusion office and strategy at a global insurance company propelling a decade of culture change and enhancing the company's ability to position itself as an employer and brand of choice across multiple market segments; design and delivery of leadership programs at a global non-profit for participants from over 30 countries, the development of an online gender assessment to help institutions build gender-diverse teams to effectively serve the women’s market; and the launch of a women’s strategy and think tank for a global beauty brand to position them as an employer of choice.

Rachel began her career as a clinical social worker focused primarily on at-risk youth.  She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University and a BA in Psychology. She is trained in the Co-Active® coaching methodology and certified in the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®); Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite, Center for Creative Leadership; the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI); and the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI™). 

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Our firm engaged R.K. Field LLC in the summer of 2019 to develop a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) resource guide for our portfolio companies. Rachel then also facilitated a webinar for our portfolio human resources teams to walk them through the tools and share specific guidance on the most effective ways to accelerate their D&I programs.

Rachel spent the time and asked the right questions to learn about our firm and our portfolio, so that she could tailor her approach according to our needs. She brought a wealth of experience and expertise to help us scope out the project and define concrete outputs. She was very organized throughout and effectively managed constraints to deliver the project, from conceptualization to execution, in a tight timeframe.

Rachel also provided high quality, practical content, backed by open source resources, leaving the webinar participants with the opportunity to take immediate action. Last but not least, Rachel delivered a high-impact presentation. She is a captivating, passionate, and knowledgeable speaker. The engagement was a success and we received excellent feedback from the participants.

Overall, it was an absolute pleasure and a great learning experience working with Rachel.

Astha Ummat

ESG Program Lead, Portfolio Team

Centerbridge Partners L.P.

I engaged Rachel as a professional coach in 2017-8 to help me re-center my career and change jobs. Her challenge was to move my mindset from a "jill of all trades/I'm just here to do what other people need me to do" to taking charge of and ownership of my professional trajectory.

Rachel worked me through a series challenging (read: soul searching) exercises and frank and thoughtful conversation over the course of several months. In this time, she demonstrated a keen sense for asking the right questions and knowing which areas needed more exploration. The experience was taken at my own pace, but not in a handholding fashion. Rachel certainly made sure we continued to make progress while making accommodations even if life got in the way.

Rachel was instrumental to helping land at a space where I can thrive--not just my job but also my mindset about work and understanding my value as a professional. Her ability to support with the utmost empathy while ever driving toward positive and productive outcomes was crucial to keeping me going, even when I was unmotivated or discouraged. It also bears mentioning that she is excellent company and that our coaching sessions rarely felt like work--even though it was!

I can hardly imagine that I would get to this place without her guidance. I have recommended her coaching services to anyone who has asked and will continue to do so.

Coaching client 

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